Another great addition to our FITANYSOUL line!!!!


These tank tops will be a versatile addition to any wardrobe for any type for any type of everyday wear.


Made with 100% polyester


Technologies used to create these t-shirts are dry eco, color, sun protect and sweat.


Techonogies described:


Color - More vivid colors for a longer time, providing greater color fidelity to light and washing


Dry Eco - Ideal for high intensity sports that cause perspiration. Keeps the athlete dry. Greater comfort. Garment does not stick to skin.


Sun Protect - Allows athlete to exercise outdoors with peace of mind. Reflects the sun's rays. Protective shield.


Sweat - Ideal for activites that cause significant perspiration. Dyes stick to the fibers, giving the garment longer lasting color.


The use of these technologies and our unique creative designs we are able to provide a product that will provide healthy benefits and comfort to your wardrobe.

Designed by FITANYSOUL and ethically responsible manufacturing in Colombia. Water to produce these products is 100% treated, and 50% of the water is reused for other processes do decrease the amount of water consumption. We at FITANYSOUL believe only in working with ethical and environmentally friendly manufactures to develop a line that is a great fit for your athleisurewear wardrobe.

FIT-EZ Limestone Tank Top

Color: Limestone
  • - 100% Polyester

    - Color

    - Dry Eco

    - Sun Protect

    - Sweat