For everyones inner yoga lover. A more loosely designed bra still strong enough to provide support with more flexibility for enhanced comfort

Made with a polyester and lycra blend (92% polyester, 8% lycra) giving you a comfortable feel.

Technologies used to create these leggings are Color, Dry, Odor Protect, Stretch, Sun Protect and Sweat.

Technologies described:


Color - More vivid colors for a longer time, providing greater color fidelity to light and washing


Dry - Absorbs sweat and dries it quickly


Odor Protect - Prevents the growth of bacteria that cause foul odors

Stretch - elastic content allows elongation and recovery in 4 ways providing comfort, fit and freedom of movement

Sun Protect - special manufacture of this textile acts as a genuine protective shield against UV 30+ rays


Sweat – ideal for activities that cause significant perspiration. 

The use of these technologies and our unique creative designs we are able to provide a product that will provide healthy benefits and comfort to your wardrobe.

Designed by FITANYSOUL and ethically responsible manufacturing in Colombia. Water to produce these products is 100% treated, and 50% of the water is reused for other processes do decrease the amount of water consumption. We at FITANYSOUL believe only in working with ethical and environmentally friendly manufactures to develop a line that is a great fit for your athleisurewear wardrobe.


Color: Ash Blue
  • - 92% Polyester, 8% Lycra

    - Color

    - Dry

    - Odor Protect

    - Stretch

    - Sun Protect

    - Sweat