Through tragedy came the creation of FITANYSOUL.

What started out as a simple name grew in to an idea, brand, website and business.

FITANYSOUL was created after a tragic loss. The excitement of a child was finally there in 2017 after so many years between our first child and finally our second. At least so we thought. A few months into the pregnancy everything started to become alarming. Nicole's doctor isn't working at the practice anymore, her nutritionist is unavailable, missing chromosomes, growth not aligning properly, etc. Many tests followed and we were told that everything was fine and just one abnormality but will check at next check up. We then continued with our lives. Then the next check up came and Nicole calls hysterical that we lose our little girl at 5 months in the womb just before Thanksgiving. This tragic loss was just the beginning. Then when we finally find a way to cope with it, I lose my job and we are trying to figure things out again. Unable to find a job at the time Giuseppe started looking into starting a drop-shipping company where the name "FITANYSOUL" originally came from. The idea was to sell all different products and accessories of all styles for people to buy. However, after months of building a website and adding 1000 products, Giuseppe realized something and that was the massive competition of others selling the same exact products and no uniqueness to the products. I am so fortunate and appreciate that after a tragic loss, me losing my job, struggling to find a job, that my marriage was not strained. We were and are stronger than ever and we supported each other the best we can with the depression from the loss we had. 

At the same time of me building the website Nicole says to me she can't find anything comfortable that will hold her in while she tries to lose the weight from the pregnancy no matter what products she purchases. She tried a few products that I had on the site and they were horrible quality. Then she went out and purchased much more expensive products and they weren't comfortable. That when I decided it was time to go to a trade show and start working on finding quality materials and a quality manufacturer. I didn't want to go the cheap route and worry about quality. I didn't want to go the simple way of print on demand companies and not actually have different products and just have different designs. I also wanted to help Nicole find clothing that would not only hold her in but make her feel good and comfortable. I connected with my manufacturer and started to become a fashion designer. Months of product testing, designing, size tests I was finally able to collaborate with my manufacture to create our products we offer. 

Through a husband and wife’s collaboration, passion and drive, FITANYSOUL was born. Giuseppe and Nicole intend to sell clothing that they themselves, love and live by. Both Giuseppe and Nicole as consumers were always looking to purchase and own quality clothes that make them feel good and comfortable in their own skin. Not only was this company derived from a desire to have access to good quality material, but to provide that opportunity to others. Because let’s face it clothing shopping can be stressful, discouraging and frustrating no matter what size you are. Having both experienced these frustrations lead to a desire for change. To break down barriers and provide comfort, fashion and quality with a versatile athleisure clothing line.

“FITANYSOUL” is intended for the connection between inner soul and everyone’s personal style to reflect that in the clothing they wear. We want to break down negative affirmations and connections with clothing to encourage positive outlook while staying true to the inner soul’s representation and individuals’ personal style.

So, release your souls’ inner style and browse our product lines

Giuseppe & Nicole

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